Are You Surprising Your Teen Daughter With A Balayage Treatment? 3 Tips To Keep Her New Look In Perfect Condition

Balayage still remains one of the hottest coloring techniques for teens since it involves painting on colors in ways that mimic natural highlights. While your daughter will love being able to show off her new trendy hairstyle, you'll also love knowing that this is a low-maintenance type of color treatment that tends to look more natural on younger girls. Now that you've planned to surprise her with a visit to the balayage hair styling salon, you can use these three tips to help her take care of her new look. [Read More]

Does Your Thick Frizzy Hair Get Pulled Up Every Day? Get a Fresh and Easy Look Fast

Living with thick and frizzy hair that takes a long time to style can be frustrating, and if you feel like your hair is hurting your self-confidence it's time to make a change. If throwing your hair up into a ponytail or bun is something that you do every day instead of styling it because you don't have time or energy in the morning, but you like how you look when it's smoothed and styled, you want to get to a hair stylist and make these changes right away. [Read More]

Old Shag Hair Style Gives Way To Modern Shag

Just like shoe styles, your old hairstyle will return one day in this modern world. Remember when having a shag cut was the in-thing? A shag haircut was then a divine statement of keeping up with hairstyles that made you look young and beautiful. Many women wanted their locks to look like that of movie stars. All that mattered was that your shag style flowed. Now you can have a short or long shag as long as the shag enhances the contours of your unique face. [Read More]

4 Fast Facts To Know About Ultherapy

Living with loose skin and wrinkles on the body, neck, and face is possible, but these imperfections can affect your appearance, self-esteem and overall quality of life. Cosmetic surgeries are popular options for tightening loose, saggy skin, but these procedures are often invasive and dangerous. Thankfully, ultherapy is a safer, less invasive treatment option because it uses ultrasound technology inside of surgery that requires incisions and anesthesia. Here are a few important facts to know about ultherapy. [Read More]